This versatile device can be used for cleaning coins, jewellery, glasses, waterproof watches, and other small metal objects. 
With strong vibration in the electric cleaner, coins and jewellery can cleaned thoroughly and gently.
This Vibration cleaner should be operated with LINDNER Coin Cleaner to achieve optimum cleaning results.

NOTE: For cleaning coins, the device should be operated with LINDNER coin cleaner . Suitable for all kinds of coins.

Dimensions: 195 x 115 x 90 mm

Vibration Cleaner

  • Cleaning of coins and jewelry: 

    1) Fill the tub halfway with water. 

    2) The unit should be operated with LINDNER Coin Cleaner to achieve optimum cleaning results. Fill thereof half a tablespoon in the pan. 

    3) Place the object to be cleaned depending on size, either in one of the two removable baskets or directly without a basket in the tub. 

    4) Slide the switch on the position II (high speed) and let it run for about 5 minutes the unit.

    5) Remove the baskets or objects out of the tub, fill it with clean water and place baskets or items back into the tub. 

    6) Slide the switch to position I (low speed) and let the appliance run for about 1 minute. 

    7) Take the cleaned items from the container and let it drain. 

    8) Place the cleaned items on a clean cloth.

    Cleaning eyeglasses: 

    1) Remove both baskets and fill out the unit halfway with water. Give the water a tablespoon of liquid detergent in. 

    2) Place the glasses iin the pan and note here is that the glasses are on top. 

    3) Slide the switch on the position II (high speed). 

    4) After about 5 take minutes goggles and rinse with clean water. 

    5 dry) eyeglasses with a lint-free, soft cloth.

    Important notes: pearls and other soft or fragile surfaces should not be cleaned mechanically. Clean eyeglasses only with the glasses upwards.